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TMJ: Prevention

TMJ pain is often caused by unavoidable traumas like car accidents, but in many other cases, TMJ is preventable.

A person can take safety precautions to prevent falls or injuries, avoid hard food or chewing gum excessively, or develop and practice good posture. Proper posture will help to keep the skeletal system properly aligned, which reduces tension or abnormal wearing of the joints.

Learning different types of relaxation techniques can significantly ease pressure on the joint. Relaxation and meditation can be beneficial, because when a person takes time to relax and let go of stress, it causes the muscles in the body to relax, and this reduces pressure on the joints.

For some, wearing mouth guards at night can reduce grinding or clenching the teeth. A dentist can fit a person for mouth guards.

Some people believe Glucosamine (an over-the-counter supplement) can help to prevent joint pain. Glucosamine naturally occurs in the body and is found in healthy cartilage. As a person grows older, the body’s production of Glucosamine gradually diminishes. Some people report that taking a Glucosamine supplement helps to keep the joints working smoothly and pain free.