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Chiropractic and Pain

Chiropractic and Pain

Why Pain?

Pain is a warning sign that a problem exists. Just like the smoke detector in your home warning you of the possibility of fire. What do you think would happen if instead of putting the fire out, you just turned off the smoke detector? The fire would damage your home. The same goes for your body. Pain is a warning sign of the possibility of a neuro-musculoskeletal problem in your body. If you ignore the pain or "mask" the pain with drugs (cortisone, epidural injections, pain relievers), the pain is silenced, but the underlying problem still exists and has the potential of damaging your health, similar to the fire potentially damaging your home.

Basically, just because the pain is gone, doesn't mean that the problem is gone nor that you have corrected the problem. Remember, pain is only a symptom of the actual problem.

I Feel Fine

Many people think being well is how you feel. Unfortunately you may feel great, but have undetected cancer. Yet you may feel lousy but have a simple cold. Symptoms such as a runny nose, cough or fever is they way your body is working to overcome a disease process or excessive stress. When you have one of these symptoms it doesn't mean you are sick but that your body is under extra stress trying to get rid of these unwanted substances. Covering up these warning signs is like ignoring the warning oil light on your car. The source of the problem needs to be addressed, balance to the body returned, just like addressing the oil situation in the car.

The presence or absence of physical symptoms is not a reliable indicator of health.

The nervous system controls every tissue and cell in your body. When the nervous system sustains interference by one of the above stresses then it may fail to resist disease (symptoms may or may nor be present).

Chiropractors are specialists in the detection and removal of spinal dysfunction and nervous system interference (subluxation).

Pain is the Last Symptom You Feel, Not the First

Similar to tooth decay, symptoms often only arise after misalignments have been present for many years. You maintain the health of your teeth but what will you do when your spine wears out!! Your health is important, invest in it.

It is wise to look after your total health to maintain your skin, your teeth, your hair - your spine and your nervous system.

Warning: Spine and Joint Misalignment is the leading cause of premature Degenerative Joint Disease!

Have a full body alignment checked every 3 months by Orinda Family Chiropractic.

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