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NCAA Athletes

NCAA Athletes

Sports injuries are a common reason people seek out chiropractors. When athletes see a licensed chiropractor they can better understand what they can do to help speed up the healing process. Often many athletes can return to the field in no time when they seek the right treatment from a licensed chiropractor.

A chiropractor can offer a variety of treatments that help athletes regain use of the injured area. They can use physical-therapy techniques to help restore mobility. They also offer spinal adjustments, which help the muscles and ligaments work at a normal capacity. All of these treatments combined work together to help the athlete heal more quickly and return to the field to perform.

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Drew Griffin: "My Chiropractors have been a key part of my running success. It is through their thorough care and expertise that I have managed to remain injury free. It is nice to have two professionals who have such a keen understanding of runners. Because they truly understand the nature and background of athletes, they are able to keep me healthy so that I may go about achieving my ultimate goals." – Drew Griffin, NCAA All American - 1500

David Krummenacker: "My Chiropractors are a spectacular duo. I've been under their care for over 5 years and their Chiropractic expertise has been vital to my career and my success." – David Krummenacker, NCAA National Champion – 800m

Jonas Motiejunas: "My Chiropractor has really helped me achieve peak performance on the track. His overall care and understanding of athletes and runners has been a key factor in keeping me healthy throughout training and competition." – Jonas Motiejunas, NCAA National Champion, 400m

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