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Professional athletes are increasingly turning to chiropractic care to help them relieve pain and stay fit. You may recall when ex-San Francisco 49er quarterback Joe Montana was treated by a chiropractor before a live audience during the 1989 Super Bowl: or you may recall our reports on athletes like heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield; NBA all-star Charles Barkley; Olympian decathlon gold medalist Dan O'Brien; Olympic beach volleyball gold medalists Karch Kiraly and Kent Steffes, and many others.

While many athletes seek chiropractic on their own initiative, chiropractic care is gaining official sanction by many professional teams: according to records from the American Chiropractic Association's Sports Council, this includes professional football, baseball and basketball teams, and of course Olympic teams of many countries.

Look who else benefits from Chiropractic

Barry Bonds, who retired from baseball after a successful 21-year career, and who still holds the all-time Major League Baseball record for home runs, said before his retirement, “I go to my chiropractor on a regular basis, because I want to prolong my career as long as possible. I see him about once a week, in between my training (sessions). By getting an adjustment once a week from him, I feel I can sustain my career a lot longer.” Bonds noted, “I think it should be mandatory for athletes to see a chiropractor.”

"If the players are not properly aligned, they're not going to function properly. When their bodies do function properly, they're more productive, and the team wins."

Team chiropractors are becoming increasingly common in Major League Baseball, and these athletes’ testimonials strongly suggest that it’s a good move for any team to make if they want to keep their players healthy and performing at their best.

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